About Mitä Pelataan?

Mitä Pelataan? is the name of a Boardgame related podcast. Mitä Pelataan? can also be found from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by the same name. Podcast is located in Soundcloud and it can be found from iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn radio as well as from BoardGameGeek at the moment. BoardGameGeek also has a Guild for Mitä Pelataan?

The Podcast is in both Finnish and in English. Other content and comments are mainly in English. Semi-Regular updates come to the Facebook page which is advisable to follow to stay updated about things happening. Instagram is also updated especially with recently played games’ pictures.

Mitä Pelataan? can be found from here (+ whatever you find from search engines):

The Podcast can be found from here (and should be found from whatever App you use for listening podcasts!):


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