About Mitä Pelataan?

Mitä Pelataan? is a boardgame related podcast in Finnish and in English. The content in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube is mainly in English. Podcast is located in Soundcloud, but can be found on most podcast platforms and from BoardGameGeek. BoardGameGeek also has a Guild (3320) for Mitä Pelataan? in case you’re up for that!

Fill a short feedback form on my media by clicking here
or here: https://forms.gle/7Buxopbmicgk4RTb9
Thank you so much! (there’s also a giveaway you can participate in)

Mitä Pelataan? in media:

  • Podcast: (https://soundcloud.com/mitapelataan)
    • Babbling on general board gaming related topics,
    • Top-9 lists on different topics,
    • Coverage on the few conventions I go to,
  • Twitter: (https://twitter.com/mitapelataan)
    • Random tweets on things I ponder on boardgames,
    • Selected retweets on fantastic content.
  • Instagram: (https://www.instagram.com/mitapelataan/)
    • Mini-reviews on games I’ve played and deem worth writing on using phone,
    • Top-9 lists,
    • Some life-related photos, and a few stories.
  • YouTube: (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA8rysZ3Jkxq7-R7cA7xrjw)
    • I will try to add podcasts episodes as video, not sure if I will make them have captions in the future, the first one has, and was ridiculous amount of work for no viewers!
    • I can be seen on The Dice Tower’s channel in Roy Cannaday’s Favorite Game Friday video weekly, but these are not on my channel!

(more comprehensive listing of links at the bottom of the page)

If you arrived here via QR-code on a token, here’s more on the tokens:

View this post on Instagram

A #token of gratitude. But what it is for? . Have you come across one of these? A few have! Only 90 pieces exist! You might come across one soon as #ukgamesexpo @ukgamesexpo is approaching… Will I see YOU there? . . A few suggested uses for the token: 🎖️As a starting player marker. 👛 You can flip it as a coin if a flip is needed. 🔁 And my favourite: Depending on your game group, if you have a method of choosing games (loser chooser / queue / circulation) you can give the token to whoever chooses next. The phrase means "What do we play?" Or "What should we play?" (Without it being a question it would mean "what is being played."). ❓If you come up with another use, let me know! . . How to get one? 🔜: Be in right place at a right time during #ukge #ukge2019 – that means either find/see me and ask me, or play a #game with me and I might hand one over, or find one that has been misplaced by someone. If you will use it as 🔁 above, please ask one from me! That would be perfect. ⏳: Later you get one if you buy a game from me as long as I have any left. Or if you're in my playgroup, and want one 🤷‍♂️. . .

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Mitä Pelataan? can be found from here (+ whatever you find from search engines):

The Podcast can be found from here (and should be found from whatever App you use for listening podcasts!):

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