UK Games Exporience 2019

I finally managed to compile, record, and edit the episode on the Exporience I, and guests, had on UK Games Expo 2019. The guests also tell interesting stuff about themselves and some of it new to me! I also suggest everyone who will ever teach a game to hear Paul Grogan’s take on teaching games!

Shownotes after the player, as usual. Here you go, have fun, it’s only 371 minutes long!:

My UK Games Exporience 2019, with guests.

In this episode I speak about my experience at the UK Games Expo 2019, thus Exporience. I have invited some guests to join me on this episode whom I interviewed after the Expo. This episode is a bit late after the Expo, mainly due to scheduling issues. But I hope the content and the guests are good enough that it has been worth the wait! At least you’ll get to listen to this for 6+ hours as a compensation!

I’ll timestamp the guests and other things from the episode, but I won’t give the guests details so you don’t just skip to your favourite person, but have to listen to me and others a bit too, maybe! I’ll give a tip though for each!

Thanks for the music: @grimwater

Episode outline:
Starting with general stuff on the expo and episode…
1st guest: 3:47 (Off-topic superiority!)
Thursday: 1:15:50 (Pre-Show stuff)
2nd guest: 1:37:37 (Zombie apocalypse!)
Friday: 2:26:15 (Top-10 and hotel hassle)
3rd guest: 2:31:17 (Playing with a glass cat?)
Saturday: 3:36:08 (Some games!)
4th guest: 3:44:49 (Playful Doctor)
Sunday: 4:29:41 (FamilyExpo and Adventures on Way Home)
5th guest: 4:40:20 (CGE Rules!)
End stuff: 6:05:48 (Sum-up and what next, etc.)

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My notes on Guests:
Luke Hector, The Broken Meeple (@luke-hector-broken-meeple), my main inspiration for doing a babblecast – talking to myself and trying to make a point, often missing it or circling around it like a vulture, waiting for the right moment. You can find him and his various media at

Ben Maddox, The curator of Games for Doomsday, Bouncer of the Guild, Part-time Segway-harvester of Zombies, F-Bomber like no other. He can’t be described, he has to be experienced. You can find out how to begin your path in doing so at:

Tom Heath, His words drip slicker than his Slicker drips. The Playthrough Paragon, Successor to Rahdo of the Lands East of Atlantic Ocean. He can be found in every relevant media as Slickerdrips and from the YouTubes at:

Max Davie, The Playful Doctor – no no no, not in a horror movie way! Host of Play is the Thing podcast, former Dice Tower contributor on kids games. Has double my score at Research Gate. You can find more info on his endeavours here:

Paul Grogan, Gaming Rules! – He claims. Has great tips and agreeable opinions on teaching games (Listen to him!), works in various development and rules-related areas in gaming. You can find the relevant links from his page (not updated for a while):


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